This Christmas we’re setting out to build a medical clinic for our home and to help the surrounding villages!

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The Gem Village Medical Clinic

Child named Johnie Smiling at a Nanny

Last year we raised the funds for three homes to be built on the 88 acres that we purchased in 2016 (The Gem Village, as we like to call it)! This past October we officially broke ground, and the land-moving equipment is about to make it’s way to the land!

This year we are trying to build a medical clinic! This medical clinic will provide life-saving medical care to our children, staff, and the surrounding community and villages.

The medical clinic will provide 24/7 care to our children. Take Johnie for instance. Johnie has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and GERD – which necessitates being fed through a gastronomy tube. Because of his many complex needs, he often feels great pain due to his frequent seizures and gentle massages help ease his pain. He is a fragile little guy and what an incredible opportunity it would be for Johnie to have access to 24/7 medical care right at The Gem Foundation Clinic!

What will The Medical Center do?

The Nutritional and Prenatal Center – This wing will bring malnourished children back to nutritional health. Often families hide their children with special needs away and in turn are neglected and starved leading to severe malnourishment. We will provide outreach to families in our community in an effort to educate and train and prevent malnutrition. Prenatal care as well as maternity care will also be offered. A significant reason children are born with special needs is because of unsafe deliveries. We endeavor to empower and educate the woman and help more families have safe deliveries.

The Therapy Center – where our children are worked with and encouraged daily by licensed therapists to reach their full potential.

The General Medical Center – General medical needs will be met here as well as outreaches in our community to families of special needs children. We will work to educate and train families in how to best care for their children and help them to thrive! Ugandan Law requires each children’s home have an Isolation Room which will be here as well.

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Rendering of the Medical Clinic

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We rely solely on donors like you to run The Gem Foundation, much of which is done through sponsorship. Sponsoring a child is a great way to learn more about what we do, and have a real-life impact with your money. If you’re interested in learning more and getting to know some of our children, please visit our Sponsorship page

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