Crossing the Finish Line

Where we started, where we are now and where we’re headed.

Join us as we celebrate

Where we started

Leila before and after being at The Gem Foundation

The Gem Foundation was founded in 2014 was a simple goal: to care for the special needs children in Uganda. There are lots of good children’s homes throughout Uganda but we imagined something different: a home that cares for special needs in such a way that they reach their full potential.

We quickly grew and started caring for more and more children. We got our first 11 children in our care in 2014 and now care for 45 children in 2019, while we have reunited 7 children back to their families who are now thriving with their children.

We began to care for children like Leila to the right. She came to us neglected, sick and scared. Yet because of our generous donors, Leila was able to receive emergency medical care, intense therapy and excellent nutrition. Leila was able to heal as she learned how much we love her, and how much Christ loves her.

We want to continue to care for children like Leila; and in even bigger and better ways… which is why we started to dream about The Gem Village.

What is The Gem Village?

Our Vision for The Gem Village is a fully accessible community for our children to grow and thrive. We’re currently in a Kampala, a large city with very limited space and began dreaming about what The Gem Village would look like back in 2014. By 2016 we purchased 88 acres in the countryside of Uganda, in 2017 we raised $300k for the first 3 homes in the village, in 2018 we raised $100k to build the medical clinic that will serve our children and the surrounding community.

Now in 2019 we want to cross the finish line and raise the remaining $187k to finish the first phase of the village and move our children there!

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One of the first three homes at The Gem Village that is in progress

One of the first three homes in progress