911, We Have an Emergency

This past year, The Gem has had numerous medical challenges with unexpected admissions to the hospital as well as babies in the ICU fighting for life. We have also had children in and out of the hospital and often at Gem on oxygen.

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The Children's Medical Care

Each time before an admission and before any treatment is given, we are asked, "Who is paying the bill?" We must pay medical expenses upfront before a child can have any treatment, be worked on, or even be admitted. We always desire the best medical care for every single one of our precious Gems!

This year, we have had nine surgeries, 24 hospital admissions, and countless doctor appointments. The reality is that our medical account is empty, and we desperately need to replenish that account so that our Gems can have access to the life-saving medical care that they can't live without!

This Giving Tuesday, would you please help us raise the money to provide life-saving medical treatment for our Gems all year?

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