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Help build an inclusive play center for our children to thrive.

It's Giving Tuesday, and we are trying to build an inclusive and fully accessible playground for our Gems to grow, play, and thrive. Playing is essential in childhood development, learning, and creativity, and we don't want any of our children to miss out on it.

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$51,895 of $50,000 raised

The first $25k will be matched 100%, doubling your donation.

All-inclusive play-center!

We're building a truly unique fully-accessible and fully-inclusive playground.

What is an inclusive playground? Glad you asked! Think of a playground that was intentionally designed by experts with every single one of our Gems in mind. Whether they can walk, climb, crawl, or use a wheelchair, there is a place for them to play. 

Wheelchairs can easily roll around; the splash pad has multiple levels so everyone can reach and play, a music area where the Gems can create new songs, and "quiet spaces" so that overstimulation doesn't have to take you away from all the fun. The playground is exceptionally designed with many incredible features that we can't wait for our Gems to explore and play on.

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Would you considering helping us make this dream a reality for the children at The Gem Foundation?

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