Gem Village

What is The Gem Village?

A Place To Call Home

Gem Village is a unique place that will provide an entirely handicap accessible village for our children. Every detail of the village has been carefully planned in order that each Gem can reach their full potential. Our precious Gems finally have a place to call home!

Gem Village is situated in the beautiful countryside outside the major city of Kampala, Uganda. The move to the country provides our Gems with clean fresh air their compromised bodies needed so desperately. Too often our children ended up in the hospital with compromised respiratory problems. Clean air will no longer be the issue!

Overhead view of Gem Village in Kampala, Uganda
Child with special needs playing in handicap-accessible home

Gem Village 100% Accessibility

With No Limits

We are excited to be in the first phase of building a fully accessible community for our Gems with special needs! Gem Village has beautiful sidewalks where our Gems are able to move and stroll freely between accessible homes. A village with truly no limits! We want our Gems to experience a fully accessible world.


One Of A Kind

We give our Gems every opportunity to fulfill their God given destiny. This village is designed and built with our Gems in mind. It’s one of a kind village that will include a medical clinic, school, church, administration building, and volunteer housing.

Child in wheelchair outside