Imagining the Gem School

Several years ago we began to feel the need for our precious Gems to go to school. At the time Gem was still located in Kampala. We took several of the Gems for assessments to see if they could pass the entrance exam to attend school. After bringing one of our children, Hamza to a school for special needs they declared they couldn’t accomodate him because he was also deaf. We want to change that.

Let's Change That
$372,530 of $530,000 raised

Education For All Gems

In 2014 in a city of 3 million there was no home for orphans with special needs. The bridge over this barrier was The Gem Foundation.

Housing for this massive need was a barrier, but you gave & built a bridge to build Gem Village. Then another barrier appeared. What would we do with the kids when they turned 18? The government required them to leave the home. We shared our vision of Assisted Living Homes and built a bridge, and as you know the vision is now a reality.

We now are prepared to face an imposing barrier that has loomed over us for years: a fully-accessible school and education for all Gems.

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