The Gem Village

This past Christmas our generous donors helped provide the resources to build 4 homes for our children but we’re not done yet! Want to help?

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A completely handicap accessible village for our children.

children at the gem foundation dressed in construction clothes

The Gem Foundation is a home in Uganda for children with special needs who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused. We currently have the incredible joy of caring for 39 precious children. Our youngest is just 8 months old, and our oldest is 16 years old. All of our children have varying special needs which include: Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Brain Trauma, Autism, Down Syndrome and Epilepsy. Caring for our children (we like to call them Gems!) is an absolute joy! Each day we celebrate new milestones that are reached while hidden personalities emerge.

We are currently renting a home on half an acre in the city of Kampala, Uganda. Although our facilities have served us well, we have outgrown them. We have also found that being surrounded by air pollution is difficult for our Gems who struggle with heart and lung disease.

Introducing The Gem Village

Through generous donors, in April 2017, we were able to purchase 88 beautiful acres outside of the city. Now our dream and Christmas wish is to be able to build our forever homes on that land. The Gem Village will be a place for our children to heal, thrive and live life to the fullest. It will be the safe place where each child can reach their full potential physically, academically, socially and spiritually. The Gem Village will be fully accessible so our children have no limitations and where everything will be possible for them.

We dream of a fully accessible village where our children have no limitations, and anything is possible. A team of architects and engineers from around the globe have come, and finished designs and master plans to make this dream a reality. Learn more about the Gem Village. Would you help us build our forever home?

children's home drawing
children's home drawing outside
land ariel view

Our Goal: Build The First 3 Homes

This past Christmas our goal was to raise the money for our first three homes on our new land which was purchased last April. Each home costs $100,000 to build. We will need three homes in order to have enough space for our 41 children that we currently care for.

Our dream and vision for this land is to eventually turn it into a village with a school, community medical center for the surrounding village, and a church. Please join us in this vision by helping us achieve our goal of our first three homes!

Our First Home


Our Second Home


Our Third Home


What We Do At The Gem Foundation

At The Gem Foundation, we care for over 30 children in Uganda with 40+ staff members, nurses, teachers and interns.

On a daily basis, our children are taking classes, going to school, being fed three meals a day, and doing one of their favorite things: playing outside with the staff.

Often times, people tend to think the quality of life of a child with the special needs is somewhat less, but believe us, if you spent one day around these children and saw the joy, laughter and fun that they have you would never think that again. Our goal is to provide each child with love, and care, and to love them the way that Christ loves them.

Here at the Gem Foundation, we believe each child is created beautifully by God, and in his image. Sure, some of there arms may not work the same as yours, but God loves them the same, and we want them to know that.

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We rely solely on sponsorship to run The Gem Foundation, much of which is done through sponsorship. If you’re interested in learning more and getting to know some of our children, please visit our Sponsorship page

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