What is Gem Village?

EMI plans

Our Vision for the Gem Village is a fully accessible community for our Gems to grow and thrive. With our Gems many medical needs we feel that having a medical center is a top priority in order for our Gems to heal physically. We envision a clinic that will first off meet the needs of our growing ministry and children.

Secondly, it will meet the medical needs of our staff families.

thirdly it will reach out to our community by offering medical care for the families of children with special needs. Malnutrition is a huge need in Uganda as when children with special needs are considered a curse that means they are hidden away from society and often neglected and starved. The nutrition side of the clinic will, in turn, educate and train families of children with special needs.

Another big part of the clinic will be offering antenatal care as well as maternity care. A big reason children are born with special needs is because of unsafe deliveries. We endeavor to empower and educate the woman and help more families have safe deliveries.

The therapy department is designed to help our children reach their full potential. Its a place where little Gems will learn to sit on their own, begin to walk and even learn to feed and talk! We are so excited to have a space dedicated to healing for our Gems!

Gem Village Concepts

Over this past three years we have partnered with EMI to design our new land and buildings in the most efficient, and safe way possible. They’ve now completed the plans for the buildings, infrastructure, blueprints, plumbing and everything else that comes with it.

Phase 1 of the Gem Village is to build three homes for our children so we can move out of the city and out to our land. Here are some of the images that EMI has drawn up for us!

children's home drawing
children's home drawing outside
land ariel view

Gem Village Becoming a Reality

Since groundbreaking in in July 2019, we’ve made incredible progress at Gem Village. The images below show one of the first 3 homes at The Gem Village and a look inside!

outside one of the first three homes
Inside one of the first three homes