No Caffeine Week

Do you enjoy caffeine and helping others? Well, you’ll like at least part of this…

What is No Caffeine Week?

Leila before and after being at The Gem Foundation

Join us February 24th for something special! We’re giving up caffeine for a week and taking the money you would’ve spent and donating it to The Gem Foundation.

What does The Gem Foundation do? We provide food, water, therapy and most of all, a safe loving home for more than 45 children. We help children like Leila (pictured on the left) reach their full potential!

There is one simple rule: if you break down and drink caffeine, you double what you paid by donating another gift (voluntarily, of course).

Sign up by filling out the form below and entering the amount you would typically spend on caffeine in a week. Then share on social media and challenge friends or family to join for No Caffeine Week @ The Gem Foundation.