What is The Gem Village?

EMI plans

The Gem Village project is what we like to call our new land, and building project! Last April we raised support to buy 88 acres outside of Kampala, Uganda. Our dream is to eventually turn the land into a small village with homes for our children, a medical center for the surrounding community, a school for our children and a church that would serve the surrounding villages.

We’re currently rent a home in the city of Kampala, and we’ve quickly reached capacity with our 39 children. The city has some pros and cons, but the air pollution, noise and lack of space is making it hard to continue to care for the children in the way that we desire!.

Gem Village Concepts

Over this past year we have partnered with EMI to design our new land and buildings in the most efficient, and safe way possible. They’ve now completed the plans for the buildings, infrastructure, blueprints, plumbing and everything else that comes with it.

Phase 1 of the Gem Village is to build three homes for our children so we can move out of the city and out to our land. Here are some of the images that EMI has drawn up for us!

children's home drawing
children's home drawing outside
land ariel view